Photography Services

Our photography services are for those fun outdoor trips, tours or even a simple picnic with your loved ones.
Ever wanted to capture those sweet moments like the professionals do? Hire us for your next outing and short photoshoot session.
The services we offer are currently tailored for everyone, we shoot for print and digital sharing.

Photo Snaps

Normal photo shoot & snap shots. The process is simple, you contact us, tell us about your event or activity, brief us on what you want out of our services, we sit down & calculate how much it will cost to produce your package, once all is set, you invite us, we do our magic.

Photo Retouching

Our photography packages include light photo retouching services. It can also involve the removal of unwanted objects in photographs. Light adjustments and enhancements are done to a specified number of photos in the quoted photo shoot package. All packages are tailored based on the brief and requirements that we receive from our clients.

Photo Manipulations

Photo manipulations go beyond our normal photo edits, adjustments & coloring on our client's photographs. The final result of each concept is based on a client's design brief. The photoshoot will be shot in a manner that will enable us to achieve the required results. This service is useful for large posters & photobooks or photozines (Your photo shoot session packaged as a magazine).

Portrait Shots

We love taking portraits, would you like to have a few outdoor portraits of your own?
If so, don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to add to our collection of portrait shots.
You will have amazing photos to share with friends & family on social media plus a few to print & frame for yourself.
We design themed posters & fan art too.

Photos: 2016 portraits from an event at Nasrec Expo Centre

Why It All Matters

How important are photographs to everyone?

Photographs carry sentimental value, they're priceless when compared with other valuable things. If a house was on fire and a person had to choose between a box of treasured memories with their loved ones and pieces of jewelry, that person is more likely to choose the box than the jewelry. The captured memories in the box are prescious moments captured in times passed and cannot be re-lived. Our photographs tell the stories of our lives. They are our way of saying to future generations; "We were here". They are frozen, precious moments in the ever-moving cycle of time. They speak more than words can.

Our Job Is To Capture Your Moments For You.

Get In Touch

Please use the information that is available here to get in touch with us or use the contact form that has been provided to send us an email. We hope to hear from you soon if any of our work sparked any interest in working with us on your upcoming or future projects.

All the best on your future endeavours. Have a fruitful day. Thank you for visiting LoneWolf Multimedia Studios.

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